Ullage Temperature Interface or UTI Meter is a portable liquid level gauge, designed for gauging of hydrocarbons and chemicals inside the ship’s tank.  It ensures increased safety and efficiency in cargo control measurement, custody transfer, temperature verification, and free water detection onboard marine vessels.

  • Ullage Level Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Oil Water Interface Point Detection

The measuring tape roll is fitted inside the casing of the UTI meter. The length of the tape  varies from 15m to 40m depending on the tank’s depth. The temperature sensor, which is attached to the end of the tape , measures the temperatures of the medium with range from 10oC to 90oC.

We undertake calibration and yearly service of UTI meters.
Below are the UTI models that we deal with.


Type: GAS TIGHT and restricted, Make: Honeywell

UTI model:  T2000-TFS-01

Type: GAS TIGHT and restricted Make: Tanktech

UTI model: D-2401-2

Type: RESTRICTED and Gas tight Make: MMC