EA400 is unique in the market as an Autonomous Echosounder with many useful practical features.
It is optimized for sediment monitoring, wave/tide monitoring, zooplankton studies with long term logging capabilities.  The device can also transmit accurate underwater backscatter data in real time using Bluetooth communication.

∙ Fully self-contained Echosounder

∙ Backscatter data collection along full water columns

∙ Long Life with 3 D-type alkaline batteries

∙ Ideal for long-term monitorng with a 32GB SD card

∙ High speed downloading via the SD card

∙ Bluetooth Communication for real-time monitoring

∙ User friendly GUI software provided

∙ Also can be controlled via a terminal program like Hyper Terminal

∙ Deep sea version available (up to 1,000m)

∙ Very unique in the market

∙ Sediment Monitoring

∙ Accurate Backscatter Data

∙ Altitude Measurement

∙ Wireless Real-time Bottom Tracking

∙ Wave Height/ Tide Monitoring

∙ Bridge Scour Monitoring

Working Mode Echosounder / Altimeter
Acoustic Frequency 450 KHz
Beam Width 5° (-3dB) Conical Beam
Transmit Pulse Duration 10 μsec to 200 μsec in 10 μsec steps
Ranges 0.15 m to 100 m
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Sample Rate 100 kHz
Water Column Resolution Up to 7.5 mm
Repetition (Ping) Rate Up to 10 Hz
Range Resolution Up to 1 mm
Tilt sensor Dual-axis, Horizontal Operation : ±90° (up, down)
Tilt sensor Inclination Data Accuracy : 0.1°
PC Interface USB 2.0 (Bluetooth v2.1 optional)
Data Output Format Binary, ASCII TXT, NMEA0183
Data Storage Mdeia Micro SD Card (up to 32GB, SDHC)
Downloading Media Removable Micro SD card, USB, Bluetooth
Activation Magnetic Switch or Activation Button
Operation Mode Indication Dual Color LED
Power Supply 3 D-type Alkaline Batteries
Operation Lifetime up to 1 Year (depend on ping rates)
Operation Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Maximum Operating Depth 100 m (deeper versions available on request)
Housing Material PVC
Dimensions D70mm x L260mm
Weight 1.5kg in Air with Batteries (0.5kg in Water)