ECT400 is one of the most compact and lightest precision echosounders in the sonar market that can measure accurate backscatter data as well as precise altitude data.


∙ Real-time backscatter data collection along full water columns

∙ Ultra compact (50mm dia. x 70mm length)

∙ Ideal for navigation of ROV/AUVs

∙ Serial interface (RS232, 485, 422)

∙ Compatible with Hypack, Topcon receiver, HydroPro(Trimble)

∙ Seacon underwater wet connector in place

∙ User friendly GUI software provided for instant image update

∙ Tilt sensor integrated ( option )

∙ Real-time backscatter data collection along full water columns

∙ Depth rate up to 1,000m


∙ Altitude Measurement for Navigation

∙ Sediment Move Monitoring

∙ Bridge Scour Monitoring

∙ Harbor Security

∙ Wave/Tide Monitoring



Acoustic Frequency 450 KHz
Beam width 5° Conical (-3dB)
Transmit Pulse Width 10μsec ~ 200μsec (10μsec step)
Ranges 0.15 m ~ 100 m
Housing PVC
Connector SEACON
Operating Depth 100 m (Higher depth rate avaialble on request)
Repetition (Ping) Rate 10 Hz max
Sampling Rate 100 kHz
Water Column Resolution >7.5 mm
Altimeter Range Resolution
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Accuracy 0.5°C (-10°C ~ +50°C)
Tilt sensor integrated (optional) Dual-axis, horizontal operation : ±90°
Tilt sensor integrated (optional) Inclination data accuracy : 0.1
Digital Output Interface RS-232, RS-485, RS-422
Communication Speed 4800 ~ 115200 baud (115200 baud default)
Data Output Format ASCII TXT, NMEA0183, or user defined (optional)
Configuration and Data reading Echologger Control Program or any terminal program
Operation Temperature -10°C +50°C
Power supply 8 ~ 75 VDC, 2W max
Dimensions D56 mm x L85 mm (without connector)
Weight 270g (PVC)
Other features Hypack Compatible (NMEA) , GPS integrated data