Hazardous Area Floodlight

//Hazardous Area Floodlight

Hazardous Area Floodlight

Specification and Performance

  • Market leading lumens per watt using the latest LED technology
  • Weight: 4.7kg
  • Consumption: 60w
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • T ambient rating – T4 to T6: -20°C to +40°C; T6
    -20°C to +50°C; T5,
    -20°C to +60°C; T4
  • Input voltage (Standard and Emergency) 90V to 277V AC
  • Input voltage (Low Voltage) 12V to 54V DC
  • IP Rating of 66/67
  • Minimum 70 CRI(Colour Rendering Index)
  • Dimensions 257 x 206 x 132mm
  • Frequency Range: 50-60Hz
  • ATEX/IECEx marking label execution: II2GDExembopisIICT4/T5/T6Gb Ex tb op is IIIC T135/T100/T85°C Db
  • Cable entries: 4no. M20 entries, 3no. with Exe stopping plugs, provided as standard. 3/4” NPT reducer on C1D2
  • Electrical connections: Loop-in, Loop-out up to 4mm2(crimped) or 6mm2 bare wire

• Control Gear: Encapsulated solid state electronic fail safe thermally managed (de-rated to run cool)

Emergency version

• Emergency version 90 minutes at up to 50% power, 180 minutes at up to 25% power (user selectable)

• Emergency Battery: NiMH 12V 4.5Ah• Charge time – 16 hours
• Test Button
• Charge status indicator

Product Description

Explosionproof flood light for hazardous area

The QUAZR flood light incorporates industry leading high power LEDs giving market leading output and efficiency. This greater output is achieved using just 24 LEDs. The LEDs are fully encapsulated using clear encapsulant which gives high optical clarity, dielectric strength and moisture protection.

The QUAZR fully complies with the Ex’mb’ standard, EN 60079- 18; total encapsulation of the LED PCB ensures there is no free space around the individual LEDs, and all control gear is also fully encapsulated.

It is certified to UL C1D2, ABS, IECEX and ATEX standard. 

It has a wide operating temperature range. Customer interchangeable diffuser films are available offering a wide range of beam angles. Coloured films are available for environmental and other applications.

The QUAZR is robust in its construction consisting of a marine grade aluminium body and state-of-the-art environment resistant high impact cover. It has a unique post machining and powder coat surface treatment developed by the US aerospace industry offering unprecedented corrosion protection. 

It is light enough in weight to enable easy installation. Its cooling fins remove hotspots and efficiently dissipate heat. The product is designed to reduce the build up of dust and is aesthetically pleasing.

The high impact cover boasts high optical clarity, high impact protection and labyrinth gasket protection. The cover offers higher temperature deflection under load and greater flexibility at low temperature without sacrificing optical clarity.

The QUAZR uses a resilient food industry grade, UV, mould and steam resistant silicone gasket to achieve a constant IP rating throughout the lifetime of the product. Consistent compression up to 60% along the seal.

The mounting bracket has been designed to be directly interchangeable with most existing models in the field. The QUAZR has a unique post machining and powder coat surface treatment developed by the US aerospace industry offering unprecedented corrosion protection.

The QUAZR’s main fuse has a high interrupt/breaking capacity protecting against up to 1500A supply fault current to comply with BS EN 60079-18 § and § 10 c) & d). Electrical design and build inspection is to BS 7671, 17th edition.

Additional Information


Standard, Low Voltage and Emergency. Cool Whilte 4700K – 7000K and Neutral Whlte 3700K – 4700K


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