FPSO & Subsea Specialised Services

Feasibility and Conceptual Studies -          Front End Engineering Design (FEED) -          Process Studies, [...]

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Super High Precision Metal Tubes, Pipes, Machined Parts

Reference Post/KAKOH/Makiko-K+KANAKUBO Specialised in small diameter tubing which  currently supply to medical lab [...]

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Surface Treatment & Surface Finishing

Reference: Post/NIHON/Dento/Kougyo/MOrihashi There are different types of surface treatments available depending upon the [...]

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Wind Tunnel Design and Fabrication

The wind tunnel design is to be done very carefully.   We design three [...]

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Aquamate Solar Still Emergency Water Purification Inflatable Kit

Environmentally Friendly: Turns sea water or impure water [...]

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UTI Meter

Ullage Temperature Interface or UTI Meter is a portable liquid level gauge, designed [...]

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IK10 Design & Certification

ik10 testing certification design Baypore -Singapore provides  a complete IK (Impact [...]

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Drill Pipe Connections, Subs & Crossovers

We provide a complete line of vertical, horizontal and directional drilling tools and [...]

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Vibration Sensor

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High Current Connectors. Up to 700A

High current plugs and connectors provide high power in the most extreme environments, [...]

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